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Question : why do african americans (some) talk with such bad grammar?
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why do african americans (some) talk with such bad grammar?
i'm just wondering because i have a few friends that are african american and when they are around their white friends they talk with good grammar, but when they are with their black friends they dont'?? just wondering! all the answers so far are interesting.I'm not saying that white people always have correct grammar. My question includes only the white and black people in my group of friends.
Asked By - May 17, 2010 at 09:19 AM - Other - Cultures & Groups - 11 Answers - 0 Comments - Answered Questions
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afraid of acting white in front of their black friends
Answered By Immortaly Insane - 3 Years Ago
Its just the way a few speak I am sure you speak different to your friends that you do to your parents.
Answered By I'm Thinking Shhh - 3 Years Ago
Theyre trying to get in where they fit in.
Answered By Eggroll Jenkins ™ - 3 Years Ago
its called mimicking its a form of communication
Answered By Lionhunter DogMan - 3 Years Ago
Some black people speak that way because that's what they are use too. Most black people I know speak normal they're not extremely proper nor do they have bad grammar.
Answered By Denara - 3 Years Ago
because thats how they feel more comfortable speaking. If I have a friend who is spanish and I am spanish and we both speak spanish, why in the world would I speak english with her. Who said white talk is proper grammar? I dont think that mentioning "like like like omg like", in every few words in a sentences its proper grammar, my friend.
Answered By lady dee - 3 Years Ago
Your are probably talking about younger people as I have seen every race butcher the English language. Kids usually develop a way of speaking that uses shortcuts and redefines words to have more that one meaning, they just play with language and have fun. The fact that you mention that they speak with good grammar says that they have an excellent enough knowledge of English to pull it off. What is your opinion of Valley Speak which a lot of whites are using a derivative of today? Modernize the concept and there you are. >?<
Answered By da shadow - 3 Years Ago
Proper King's English is not accepted in the black community and that is a fact. These black intellectuals who speak proper English don't want to be laughed at in the community like Barack Obama was, or Sydney Poitier. They want to be Snoop Dogg, so they speak broken English and are embraced with open arms.
Answered By Lana - 3 Years Ago
Why spanish people talk spanish around spanish people and english around english people. Its not bad grammar. Maybe we made up our own language. Just like the english language has some latin and spanish words in it. Ours is based on english with some other words that can be taken into different context. If you think of it like that, you will be fine. I tend to use more slang around people who know slang. Does me no good to talk slang at work where everybody here grew up country. I would never get anything i asked for. lol point in hand lana. Snoop made a language by himself. People were copying him all the time. If people understand what you saying, who cares how you say it.
Answered By mr dance moves - 3 Years Ago
They have to act like their from the street when they're around other blacks or they won't be accepted in the black community
Answered By ~Proud To Be White ;-) ~ - 3 Years Ago
I Happen to know tons of white people that don't speak properly either!
Answered By Tawni - 3 Years Ago | Browse Q&A
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