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Question : Is 32D a really uncommon bra size?
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Is 32D a really uncommon bra size?
My sister, best friend and I were shopping today and my sister and I wear 32D and my best friend wears a 32C. Stores seem to carry 32D bras but they seem to only carry one or two of them at a time in each style. Nordstrom's, Victoria's Secret and Gap Body all have them, but they seem to have few of them. Is a 32D that uncommon of a size?
Asked By - January 10, 2010 at 02:04 PM - Fashion & Accessories - 4 Answers - 0 Comments - Answered Questions
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No, it's not that uncommon at all. I see 32D bras a lot of places!
Answered By Audrey‚ô• - 4 Years Ago
i have the exact same problem... excpet im 32 DD x-x only like bra- stores carry that.. so i usually end up getting 34 or 36.... umm i don't think 32D is all that uncommon.... but i dont think its like insanely common either... hahahah
Answered By me - 4 Years Ago
I think it's rather special because D's are usually 34 and larger. Nice.
Answered By Robert - 4 Years Ago
i don't think so.. i'm a 32D but yeah its harder to find our rib size (idk what you call the # part) i know most D's are 34/36+ but who cares, be happy you're 32 not 42 (of course a large rib cage size thing doesn't always mean you're fat but mayme just that you're ribcage area is really wide)
Answered By kioko - 4 Years Ago | Browse Q&A
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