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Question : how did vancouver get its name?
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Harkamal D -
how did vancouver get its name?
hoe did vancouver get its name
Asked By Harkamal D - February 26, 2009 at 06:44 PM - Vancouver - 3 Answers - 0 Comments - Answered Questions
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Explorer George Vancouver
Answered By Some Guy - 5 Years Ago
"Hi" make it short ...both Vancouver B.C and Vancouver Island and also Vancouver Washington are named after Capt. George Vancouver of the British Navy that explored this area "EXTENSIVELY" onboard H.M.S Discovery as it's Master in 1792 ! Actually the Spanish were here first in 1791 so we get "Spanish Banks" and some of the Gulf Islands like "Galiano" and "Cortez" ! The Spanish were in (Burrard Inlet ) when Vancouver arrived the next year and they met with Capt.Vancouver aboard their respective ships for "Rum'n'cokes" I'd imagine...*lol*...anyway pretty friendly meetings. Capt. Vancouver's first anchorage was Birch Bay where him and a fellow named Puget went ashore for some map making and hence Puget Sound got it's name. Incidently Capt.Cook aboard H.M.S Resolution came here earlier and George Vancouver was an ensign at the time as well as Ensign Blythe who later became Capt. of the infamous H.M.S Bounty ! Glad to help ! *S* (Michael C...)
Answered By Michael C... - 5 Years Ago
Capitan George Vancouver first sailed into what is now the Burrad Inlet and charted many of the natural landmarks seen today. Lighthouse Park, specifically Point Atkinson in West Vancouver was one of the first named after him. Interesting information: the exact place where the city was named is in the oldest part of Vancouver: Gastown... they even have a plaque:
Answered By Kristine from Vancouver - 5 Years Ago | Browse Q&A
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