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Question : ''Power lies in the barrel of a gun''?
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mourningbells -
''Power lies in the barrel of a gun''?
What are a couple of revolutions or other examples i could use to back up the fact that power MOSTLY lies in the barrel of a gun? Hmm, i think i've realised now that it's harder to argue that it does. What are some actual past/current events that indicate that power DOES NOT lie in the barrel of a gun?
Asked By mourningbells - November 06, 2007 at 10:16 PM - Politics - 8 Answers - 0 Comments - Answered Questions
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Power lies in the human mind and spirit. Just look at maniacs like Hitler and how he was able to manipulate millions of people to do unspeakable things. That is much more powerful than any gun.
Answered By Ninja Rabbit 007 - 6 Years Ago
You won't find any. Guns can win battles. They cannot win minds-the battle of ideas. Look at the American Revolution. Certainly military action was required. But the military power was all in the hands of the British. The power of ideas was on the side of the rebels. And you will find no "revolution--none--that suceeded in truely changing the nature of the society by means of force. That may be a precursor--but real change always comes from ideas, not bullets. Without that--the most a revolution will do is replace one set of rulers with another no different from the first.
Answered By Crabby_blindguy - 6 Years Ago
"Power flows from the barrel of a gun" -Mao Tse Tung- "With great power comes great responsiblity" -Stan Lee- "Power is the ability to do good things for others" -Brooke Astor- "I will track Bin Laden to the gates of Hell and shoot him with your product" -John McCain- Addressing Smith&Wesson employees
Answered By subwlimnuflik - 6 Years Ago
"The pen is mightier than the sword" Albeit most repressive societies have had the philosophies delivered to them at the end of a gun. "Freedom is not free"
Answered By ohbrother - 6 Years Ago
I would argue with the concept here, but I'll not and just try to help you with your question. You could talk about the American Indians versus the white man (who had guns while the Indians didn't), how when the United States started dealing with Japan and Admiral Perry basically forced Japan to negotiate with them under threat of bombarding the coast with his ship's guns, while the Japanese were much less advanced, you could even relate this to the Atomic Bomb, and talk about the arms race, and how important it was for the U.S. that we developed the bomb first, and what effect that had on the outcome of the war. You can talk about the war right now, we have such advanced weaponry compared to the Iraqis or the Afghanis. Anyway, good luck!
Answered By Ruby Winter - 6 Years Ago
not many. the pen is mightier than the sword they say. most dictators fail. you may be able to point to the u.s. of a. or austalia as examples of subjigation of indegenous people because of superior fire-power...maybe....or you could point to the indians of south america and the spanish. something like that maybe?
Answered By james k - 6 Years Ago
Like most vague statements this is true to some extent. There is more power in other places but there is definitely some power in violence or the ability and will to inflict violence. however, When your power is based on your capacity for violence, it is also limited by it and shrinks as your adversaries react to violence and array against you. When your power is based on the respect and affection of your people it grows with every act worthy of respect. Added: Mahatma Gandhi. for your example.
Answered By Nicholesta - 6 Years Ago
I suppose you could argue the defeat of Germany in WW2, we defeated the German forces in many different countries. I think nearly 10% of their military as a percentage, and over-ran alot of the prison camps. It was basically the power of defeating them through conventional combat that won the day. The falklin Islands was a win for Britain which was basically pounded into submission...but not necessarliy by guns. Can't really say the revolutionary war since we couldn't compete with the British ranks, we resorted to more of a guerrilla war tactic which was more responsible for winning. Many battles of the Civil war like Picketts charge showed the powe of guns. The south's army had to cross alot of open ground and the North's cannons and rifles killed many. Sorry, not able to come up with many other examples.
Answered By Nightwind - 6 Years Ago | Browse Q&A
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