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Question : rap songs -or- quotes about hating cheating/lying guys?
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theresnousernamesanditmakesmemad -
rap songs -or- quotes about hating cheating/lying guys?
Asked By theresnousernamesanditmakesmemad - August 10, 2007 at 09:16 PM - Singles & Dating - 5 Answers - 0 Comments - Answered Questions
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"Losing love is like a window in your heart, everyone can see you're blown apart..." --Paul Simon, Graceland Now see, that fits here cuz something happened to you. Whatever it is, I'm sorry. But I don't know any about stuff like that, sorry I couldn't help! --Max
Answered By Max D - 6 Years Ago
Caught Out There by Kelis
Answered By sabresgirl14221 - 6 Years Ago
While not *really* a rap song, the one by Eamon (and response by Joao Pedro Pais) is pretty classic. (See link below). Not appropriate for little kids, though; be forewarned. You'll need to substitute the f-word for the **** in the link below.
Answered By Marc M - 6 Years Ago
kharma by alicia keys is a good one!!!!! my favorite part is "what goes around comes around what goes up must come down. now your crying desiring to come back to me"
Answered By kesha - 6 Years Ago
~keyshia cole - i changed my mind & i should've cheated ~mya - if you died i wouldn't cry because you never loved me anyway (long title, great song!) ~pink - hell wit ya (absolutely great!) ~vivian green - mad none are rap songs, there aren't many female rappers, but these songs are great for the situation
Answered By Perplexing Complex - 6 Years Ago | Browse Q&A
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